American retro

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        Retro is the fashion of the past, fashion is the future of retro, everything now will be the past, everything past will be a new beginning,
you canremember the past while at the same time
Fly to the future departure. There is also a growing presence of vintage nostalgic
things, a piece ofporcelain, a gramophone, a record album in the decoration of the villas ... These past popular elements are used in
the decoration of villas today
So natural, so deja vu.

        Dukelsi, advocated by the "design for your good life," the design concept, the moment regardless of whether the West or the East
aesthetic and life needs, into its classic American retro design.
Dockers Dukesi on behalf of the most superior selection of furniture raw
materials, pay attentionto the embodiment of the value of their products, using the most traditional manual production process, exquisite
carving process, purely to restore belongs to that time
Generation of "stunning beauty." Its home products, leather goods, furniture, or
"retro" series, all the production processes are strictly follow the manual to create, giving a person a quaint and gorgeous traditional
American temperament,
Dedicated to shaping a unique, unique,extremely confident, magnificent home living space for successful Eastrs.